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Reopening Your Business After COVID-19

Ready, Set, Reopen.

As technology is advancing further and further, we cannot forget how important it is to live in the moment. With the influx of technology comes social media marketing. Social media marketing is becoming more popular nowadays, however, we cannot disregard the importance of print marketing. Just driving around town, or cruising down the highway you are exposed to hundreds of signs and billboards. They are eye catching, they are colorful, they are tangible. These forms of print marketing are useful aspects of advertising that are beneficial in spreading popularity of a company or product. Print media should not be pushed aside even if the popularity of digital media and social media are increasing. People are still exposed to signs and billboards everyday that serve a similar purpose as a social media post. All in all, print marketing is not dead.

Print marketing signage serves a bigger purpose than you may think. As opposed to digital media marketing, print marketing signs do not get lost in the world wide web. Unless taken down, they are a great way to market a company to a specific area. Signs make a company stand out and make people wonder what you stand for. They are customizable, and can be altered in any way that best suits your needs.

Print marketing signage is also an excellent way to advertise a company locally. Think about it, not every single person in the world utilizes social media. They may rely on signs and billboards and brochures in order to become familiar with local businesses and companies. Print marketing is a beneficial way of advertising since it peaks the curiosity of the viewer.

Picture this: You see a big bright colorful sign and want to see what it’s all about. From there, you're pulled in and you tell everyone about the big bright colorful sign you just saw. Signage spreads a company not only through the physical sign itself, but also through word of mouth. The importance of print marketing should not get lost in the dust behind social media marketing as it is just as important. Some may even debate print marketing is the most effective way to advertise a product or service. Many debates have been flowing about this controversial opinion, however, it all comes down to opinion and what type of audience you are targeting.

On a different note, ever since the beginning of the new year, 2020 has brought us many obstacles. COVID-19 has put the lives of people everywhere in danger. Families, companies, businesses, restaurants and workplaces everywhere have had to learn to adapt to this new way of living due to this dangerous virus. Businesses have shut down, but those that have reopened after the virus are learning how to maintain their customers and make their workplace safe for everyone.

People are constantly learning how to adapt their business in accordance to the CDC guidelines to protect both their workers and people altogether. As some businesses may not have survived this pandemic, many have decided to alter their company in order to continue to serve their customers. Whether it is changing hours, or installing shields at the register… businesses are getting creative in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 while also continuing to stay in business.

Ever since the start of quarantine, people have been confined to their homes in order to protect both themselves and others. Once states start loosening their grip on the stay at home order, people are going to want to be out as much as they can. This can be very beneficial for businesses considering everyone wants to do things they were unable to do during quarantine. Places that have not previously been busy with customers may now be flocked with people since everyone is so excited to be able to get out of their house. Who knows… your business may be doing very well after quarantine - It all depends on the needs and wants of people during this time. However, even with the re-opening of businesses, it is still important to take the precautions suggested to deflect COVID-19. The main idea of businesses being able to re-open all depends on how well they follow the CDC guidelines. It is important that groups stay 6 feet apart in addition to wearing masks whenever necessary. Cleaning and sanitizing work spaces and common areas is also highly pertinent in order to slow the spread of the virus and allow businesses to remain open. Reopening a business after quarantine can be tricky. To start, it will all be just a trial and error. As we enter phase 2 of reopening our state, we will start to see patterns of both good and bad. Companies and businesses will take different hits from the impact of the Coronavirus, and we won’t know how to handle them until we face them. Monday, June 15 starts a whole new chapter for us as a state in New Jersey. So be patient, our state will not return to normalcy anytime soon, but entering phase 2 of re-opening our state is definitely a start!




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