Dedicated to uncompromised integrity & committed to excellence, Captain Omega always gets the job done right.

The face behind the helmet this week is Stacey, our Receptionist & Billing Clerk. Stacey provides financial, administrative and clerical support. She continually works to improve customer service and efficiency within the front office. Stacey joined our Omega family a few weeks ago, but has already proven herself to be a strong and valuable addition! Bonus: She’s an Excel wizard!

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Phase 4 of 4: The finished product.

This is everything we’ve been building up to over the last few days! We would tell you who & what it was for, but then we’d have to kill you.

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Phase 3 of 4: Piece by Piece.

Each state was sorted & aligned to form a map of the United States of America. Tune back tomorrow for the last leg of this project breakdown!

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Phase 1 of 4: Digital Printing on our @Electronics for Imaging​ Vutek.

We can't tell you who or what this project is for, but we can tell you, it's pretty awesome. Check back tomorrow to see it take shape!