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  • 6 Social Media Management Tools to Help Your Business Thrive

    Everyone knows that social media plays a big role in everyone’s life. It's important to keep up with the trends of social media to communicate, spread information & develop relationships to influence customer decisions. Internet based marketing and digital marketing are on the rise. If your business doesn’t carve out the time to create a consistent social media presence, best be sure that they will be overlooked and outshined by competitors. We know the actual act of marketing and managing consumer trends is easier said than done. And trying to create and implement a content schedule, while also running a business; can be extremely overwhelming. We recently found a list, created by giraffe social media, that provided strong insight on some of the tools you can use to better improve your social media presence and aid in streamlining the content creation process. No more late nighters spent trying to keep up with the crowds! Create effectively, plan efficiently, and post your content properly with these tools below! Tap Link If you have an instagram account already, you probably have noticed that you are only allowed to have one link in your bio at a time. We all know that having only one link isn't enough. With Taplink, you are able to create a landing page that allows you to place as many links as you desire. Have a specific landing page for your products or services that's different to your contact page? Link them! You can also have other widgets located on your TapLink landing page like instant message integrations, other social media accounts and special offers, all on one page. How cool is that! Google Docs/Google Drive Did we ever mention we love the word free? We also love things that are free-like Google Docs and Google Drive. The only requirement to have access to these platforms is a Gmail account (which is also free). From there you can use the Google Drive for free cloud storage that works on multiple platforms and updates in real time. The same goes for the Google Docs-real time data syncing at no cost. If you have to share the information on either your drive or just a specific document, you can via email. Google is a great platform with various integrations to streamline not only your social media process, but your overall process for business. Adobe Spark Staying relevant with the trends are important, but having a messy page with no true consistency is bad. Take a look at Cocacola’s Instagram page for reference. Their content always shows the same colors, fonts and graphics. It is smart to do this for your business as well, so your customers can easily identify and become aware of your business easier. Which is why keeping it consistent has never been easier with the Adobe Spark Platform. This nifty integrated suite of applications is accessible from a mobile device or a PC. Developed by Adobe Systems, it has three parts to its suite: Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. All which are equipped with easy tools- no design degree needed! Plus, you can upload all your branded fonts, colors and graphics easily; so you don't have to waste time branding post to post! Canva Here we go again using the word of the day; free. If you are not ready to start paying for a subscription to create social media content, then Canva is the choice for you. Canva is a marvelous graphic design platform! It is loaded with pre-designed templates that can be used for multiple types of content such as: social media posts, presentations, posts infographics, documents, graphics and more! Canva can be downloaded to your mobile device or accessed from the web on your PC. If you really enjoy utilizing this platform, you can go ahead and upgrade your plant to a paid subscription. The pro subscription allows you to have full access to the platform’s features, while some things are locked to the free user. Creator Studio This platform is extremely useful if you predominantly use facebook and instagram to showcase your products or service. Facebook has released a platform integrated into your facebook account (that is also linked to your instagram account), that allows you to easily schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts. The Creator Studio platform also provides insights on how your content and pages are doing. Google trends Alright, for the last time we are going to be mentioning the word of this blog; FREE! Google Trends is a free website; no gmail or Google account needed for access. This site created by google is amazing because it analyzes all the popular search queries in the google search engine. It scans across various regions and languages, so Google Trends can be accessed and used anywhere in the world. Once you’re on the sight, you will notice there are graphs. Those graphs are used to compare the volume of searches from different databases over time. How is this useful for you, you might ask? Well, knowing what your clients are searching for is important! And you can compare which key words they are using more of. If you find the website hard to use, don’t worry, google integrates over 40 lessons that help you understand and navigate the platforms easier. The link for the lesson database is here. If you want to find out more about platforms that you can use to streamline your social media creation process, click here to contact us, or call at +1 (609) 645- 1940. WRITTEN BY OMEGA’S DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANIELLE ELIA

  • Paper Sizes and Why They are Important

    When reaching out to a commercial printing company, one of the questions that is almost inevitable is to ask what you would like to be printed. Some may need business cards, stationary, directories, others might need trade show signage, presentation folders-really anything. Follow-up questions to advance your project further along in the printing process would be to understand the ‘size’ of the job. Not just how many you need-what size you actually want it to be. That's where the importance of understanding the what and why of paper sizes comes in handy. The decisions you make based on the size of your paper will create an impact on the cost and usability of the project you desire. It even impacts where you live! If you live in North America; you will follow different standards than in other parts of the world. Below are the standards used in the U.S., Canada and parts of Mexico. Far across the great Atlantic ocean, the rest of the world follows a standard that is known as “ISO 216”. The International Organization of Standardization based this system around Germany’s “DIN 476” standard that originated in the 1920s. The ISO 216 system is defined by a series of “A”, “B” and “C” paper sizes. The series of paper sizes have a relationship between the height and width of each piece of paper; same proportions no matter how large or small it is. Below are the standards that ISO uses: Who picks the standards? In the U.S., the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, set the standards. For the rest of the world, the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, sets the standards. There are many different countries that have institutes in which they are responsible for developing different paper standards; but the most common ones in the world are ANSI and ISO. What's the difference between ANSI and ISO? This is the most important part to remember. To start, ANSI are designed for imperial measurements; because North America does not utilize the metric system as their main form of measurement. Another difference between ANSI and ISO is the aspect ratio of the paper sizes. The “A” series for ISO always yields a 1:2 aspect ratio-the height and width relate to each other like a diagonal and side do on a square. Where ANSI has two different aspect ratios-half the paper is one ratio, and the other half is the second; making it hard to scale and weigh. Remember the statement you are going to be making with your hot-off-the-press-printed-materials. Knowing paper size is important for the person printing the work, the person paying for the work, and the person viewing the work. WRITTEN BY OMEGA’S DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANIELLE ELIA

  • How to Target New Audiences Through Print

    “82% percent of Americans trust print ads over other types of advertisements. - PR Newswire” We’ve said it a million times, and we will say it a million times more - print isn't dead! If you don’t believe us, take it from our friend Henry. And Just to back up that statement even more, studies have revealed that 82% percent of Americans trust print ads over other types of advertisements. Printed advertisements not only build trust with your current customers, it can also help engage with a larger and new audience. But, how does one create a print advertisement that aligns with your digital campaigns and effectively target those new audiences? To help answer that, we have developed some insights on effective ways to approach the process when contacting us about your next print job. 1. Consistency is key Resist the urge to make your advertisements look different across channels. It needs to be recognizable - whether on a billboard or on a website. Keep the elements on your print campaigns that were used to speak directly to your customers on your digital campaigns. Try utilizing a specialized hashtag or web address to help connect your real world campaigns with your digital ones. 2. Utilize a singular message While it may be tempting to cram large amounts of information into print advertisements, we advise against this. If you are targeting the same audience across channels, your message should NOT change. When you keep the message the same, it gives the audience a change to view it in multiple locations. Which in return, makes your advertisements more memorable. 3. Supply Value There are many ways value can be defined to your customers. But, we want to explain why monetary value aligned in your print advertisement works wonders. Monetary value from a company is looked at very highly. Infact, a study conveyed by RetailMeNot & Omnibus Company demonstrated that 96% of Americans utilize coupons, with it not being exclusive to any specific demographic. The study then showcased that 66% of 18+ year old consumers will utilize a coupon if they receive it. Tangible incentives promote consumers to take the action you want them to take. 4. Interact with your audience Just because it's printed, doesn't mean it needs to be static! Try spicing up your print advertisements with QR codes, Call to Actions and or mobile phone apps. Utilizing this method can help promote interactions between your audience and your brand. Plus, you are promoting your audience to do more than just read an ad.By having them interact with your advertisement, you are able to seamlessly link your digital presence and the real world. To sum it up, properly exposing your brand to your audience is crucial, and it takes time! It's actually a 7-1 ratio; 7 being the amount of exposures a customer needs in order for them to perform one action. But to get those exposures you need to identify and target your customers properly. Using Print and digital advertisements together to achieve those customer actions is not only tremendously important, integration is also cost-effective. WRITTEN BY OMEGA’S DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANIELLE ELIA

  • 5 Stages to Follow When Creating Marketing Content

    It's no secret that in today's world, creating memorable and engaging content is an important factor in marketing. With that said, being successful in engaging your audience is easier said than done. In reality, 29% of B2C and 26% of B2B marketers, believe in the success of their content marketing… the rest, do not. Although alarming, considering the factors marketers are up against, the numbers are believable. So, how does one understand these factors and avoid falling short when tackling the hardships of content marketing? SEE BELOW FOR 5 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN TAKING A CRACK AT CURATING CONTENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS. 1. Planning and Research In the very beginning of your content journey, you should conduct research in order to gain better insights. This could include... What types of content you will be creating Who will be creating the content What channels your company will be publicizing on and how frequently you will share your content It's also important to understand the various types of content that are out there, like... Blog posts Social media posts Videos Case studies Infographics Ebooks Checklists Email campaigns 2. Creating the Content Sometimes, this portion can be intimidating, but don't worry, you did your research and planned for this! The content your company creates is going to be based on the information you researched about your audience. An important part of this stage is also conducting keyword research. You want to create content that is relevant to your industry. Keywords used in your topics and posts are great for exposure to potential audiences. Remember, to create the content, you don't need to be an expert graphic designer. There are alot of services to help bring your ideas to fruition. Great platforms include Adobe Spark, Canva, Fotor, Stencil, IMovie, Soap box and more. If you want to find out more ways to create content, click on the link below! 3. Scheduling and Publishing Your content may be spot on to what your audience wants to see, but if you aren't posting when they are looking, they may never see it. That's why scheduling and publishing your posts at a certain time is very important. This varies from business to business, because not all audiences interact with content at the same time. If you utilize social media business platforms (Like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram) - they provide fluid insights on the best times consumers interest the most with your post. Once you know the best time to post, start setting a content calendar. You can do this organically with the help of an alarm set on your phone, or you can pre make your content for the day and utilize an automatic scheduling + publishing tool like Buffer or Loomly to further optimize this process. 4. Promotion and Distribution Posting organically and hoping for the best can drop your expectations on your content. Promoting your content on various social networks is very important, but it's just as equally important to spread wealth to the rest of the community. Some audiences might not spend a lot of time on any given platform, which is why you need to make sure it receives the desired visibility and reach. All things considered, there are many ways to go about this. Through paid advertisements, forums and content syndication, your content can reach further than an organic post would. 5. Analyzing your Data and Current Strategy Like all aspects of business, you can expect to constantly monitor and re-evaluate your strategy over time. Social networks and content are ever changing, quite literally on a daily basis. Understanding your content performance is crucial. Through this, you are able to continuously improve your content and assure the efficiency of your process. Ways to evaluate are… Measuring performance Utilize social media and Google analytics for insights on performance Draw insights on analytics Understand what type of content works and identify improvement areas Revise when needed Focus on the well performing platforms and types of content Stop creating content that doesn't fit into your strategy Experiment with types of content you have not explored yet Following these phases to optimize how you create content will help guide you through the process effectively and efficiently! WRITTEN BY OMEGA’S DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANIELLE ELIA

  • What is Variable Data Printing?

    Variable data printing is a supplement to the digital printing process. It provides businesses with the ability to reach their recipients on a one to one ratio. With the creation of this unique experience through digital printing, VDP enables text, images or graphics to be printed differently on each printed piece. This method of printing is achieved through spreadsheets being uploaded to create the targeted marketing campaigns based on the specific information provided. Variable data brings benefits to the table like no other static campaign can do. Types of variable data printing. Like most technology, software and techniques advance over time. The same goes for variable data printing. Older methods of VDP have become less efficient over the years as the process became too strenuous and long. The original technique was done in a two run process where the images and text were printed on the substrate first, then the variable data was printed on top of the substrate afterwards. As time progressed, the machines were equipped with standard software to create such files needed to speed up the process. However, the print files were very large, significantly slowing the process down. Today, printing companies (like us!) utilize special VDP software. The high quality printers are equipped to handle any volume of print. The software is also created to be more efficient for print files - resulting in fast printing speeds and zero slow downs. Why variable data printing works! VDP has a strong targeted approach that has been proven to compete well against the generic marketing practices of today. It’s simple - personalized marketing steals attention, because a consumer is more likely to act, engage and remember material that was directly tailored to them. Variable data printing can be used for either small or large runs - no job is too big or too small! To better help your understanding, here are some facts that prove why variable data printing is the go to move. 86% of shoppers explained that personalized marketing will steer them towards a purchase more. (Infosys) 80% of shoppers enjoy that retailers provide personalized suggestions for them to shop from. (DigitalCommerce360) The return on investment (ROI) on VDP marketing campaigns is 200% higher. (finsbury) What can be printed using Variable Data Printing methods? Business Cards • Postcards • Mailers CD covers • Catalogs & Booklets • Announcements Menus • Brochures • Presentation Books Flyers • Posters • Greeting cards Envelopes • Letterheads• Newsletters How do you start using VDP? If you want to start revolutionizing how you reach your targeted audience, contact us at +1 (609) 645-1940 to get started with variable printing today! WRITTEN BY OMEGA’S DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANIELLE ELIA

  • Utilizing a Printing Company will Help Your Business During Covid 19

    2020 has been a whirlwind of a year due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. Cherished loved ones have been impacted and “business as usual” is a time of the past - at least for the time being. Repositioning your marketing strategy is the current focus of businesses, in order to meet the Center of Disease control guidelines. With that said, we want to provide you with information on how the printing industry can help your business not only survive, but thrive during the pandemic. In order for all businesses to operate effectively during covid 19, they must follow the specific guidelines. Those specific guidelines need to be reinstated to consumers in order to keep them safe. Those guidelines are being displayed across the country as… Please keep six feet apart, at all times Maximum capacity limits Washing your hands Wearing a mask inside a facility To properly display this information, you may want to reach out to a printing company, because they have the capability to effectively create and print on numerous substrates. These guidelines can pop up all around a store and look like… Floor vinyls Window Clings Vinyl Banners Outdoor signage Flyers Posters Stickers Apparel Shopping bags But companies can’t just stop at properly printing the CDC guidelines... they also need to inform their customer that they are open and operating safely. You might ask “how can that be done?”. Well, Top floor elevated results revealed that internet usage is above 50 percent since the pandemic made its presence clear back in February 2020. Therefore you need to rethink your current online presence. Rethinking your company's online presence can be scary, and timely. But if left to a printing company, like Omega High Impact Print Solutions, you could simply focus on your daily operations. Not all, but some printing companies (like Omega) are multi-talented - mastering traditional print marketing AND digital marketing. Practices such as social media marketing, email marketing, digital advertisements and website design are some of the services we can offer you! Remember, if your company is having a hard time conceptualizing a clear idea of what your store might be looking for, printing companies have excellent in house design teams that can bring your ideas to fruition. WRITTEN BY OMEGA’S DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANIELLE ELIA

  • Why Email Marketing is Crucial in 2020!

    You’ve probably heard before that incorporating email blasts into your marketing strategy is a winning solution. And time after time, you’ve made excuses like... “I don't have the time to write emails all the time.” “Email marketing will not fit into my budget.” “Customers will think it's spam.” Stop putting it off! Reaching customers in 2020 has become a constant and ever changing challenge, more now than ever before. Because of the world-wide pandemic, consumers are staying home and utilizing online options. Gone are the days of face-to-face communication - shaking hands and giving out business cards to prospective customers. Face to Face meetings to demonstrate your product or service have become limited and digital marketing has become the leader in reaching those lost consumers. We want to help you understand the ins-and-outs of email marketing and how it can help your business in 2020. First things first… what is email marketing? Email marketing is the utilization of your email to promote your business’s products and or services. What does email marketing do? It helps bring awareness to your current offerings and or latest items to sell to your audience. It helps to generate awareness about your business’s brand identity and overall image. Keeps the attention of your audience while they are in between or waiting for their next purchase from your business. It drives traffic to any source you want to be noticed by your customers. Therefore, email marketing can help drive awareness and attention to your business and build relationships with your audience. Here’s why you should use it... Email marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing to this day! Owning an email address is FREE, and since the majority of consumers in this digital era own or have operated a device with internet; chances are they own an email address. It is projected, by Radicati, that an average 4.25 billion email users will sustain an average of 1.86 email accounts by 2022. Owning an email address is essential to performing many things online, like signing up for instagram or online banking statements; the majority of consumers with internet will possess an email address. When you are reaching out to the people on your email list, you are the direct owner of your email lists. Social media accounts with X amount of followers can be deleted and or suspended at any given time; which in return, deletes your leads collected, your voice and following. With email, no source can take away your leads, voice or following collected over time. Even though in the recent years social media has been on the rise, email is still considered the best way to communicate to consumers because they check their emails on a daily basis. And since it is still considered to be the best form of communication, Radicati explains that email has a 3x higher conversion rate over social media. So if email marketing holds a 3x higher conversion rate over social media, it's cost effective, it's ultimately free to utilize and approximately 4.25 billion consumers will own an email address by 2022; why push it off? No more excuses. If you are still feeling on edge about email marketing, we are here to help! Our team at Omega High Impact Print Solutions specialize in email marketing and data management - making us experts in email campaign design, data conversions, proper scheduling and targeting to fit your business needs. Call us today at +1 (609) 645 1940 OR click here to fill out our contact form today! WRITTEN BY OUR DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANIELLE ELIA,_2018-2022_Executive_Summary.pdf

  • The Difference Between Offset-Litho Printing and Digital Printing

    As consumers, print media is a part of our everyday lives. From the billboard on your local highway, down to the box of cookies you purchased at the supermarket; it's all commercial print media. Let's say you wanted to contact a professional printing agency, like Omega, about getting brochures for your company (great choice by the way), and their sales team gave you the option of using offset lithography printing or digital printing. This is where they’ve probably lost you in terms of understanding the options. Don’t worry! Most prospective users do not know or understand the differences between the various ways products can be printed... And we are here to fix that! So, what is the difference between offset lithography printing and digital printing? Let us define them! Offset lithography printing, litho for short, has been used as the standard for commercial printing since the 20th century. The art and text from your project is placed onto thin metal plates. It is then dampened by water and the ink from the machine. The ink is for the image areas, and the water is for the non-inked areas. After being placed onto the plates, the inked artwork is then transferred to the rollers, where it will be passed onto the substrate. Digital Printing is the process of printing a digital-based image to a substrate directly. That's right, no plates are needed for this printer; making set up costs low. Desktop publishing and other digital sources are sent directly to this printer using large format. The “ink” being used for digital printing is either a pigment or toner such as a laser/inkjet. Reasons for using offset: Low price: Large quantities can be printed cost effectively. More options: Variety is the spice of life… Include custom inks such as metallic and Pantone colors Use various paper types Incorporate foil stamping and/or die cutting Excellent quality: Litho may be from your grandfather's era, but the quality is still unbeatable till this very day. Litho printers produce accurate color, sharp typefaces and impeccable details. No streaks or spots! Reasons for using digital: Low MOQ: Digital printing allows you to have very low minimum order quantities. So, if you only needed ten items or even one, digital printing allows for that to happen. Variable data: Need 1000 direct mailers to go to a community you are trying to reach? Digital printing allows you to add different names, addresses, and numbering to your project. Variable data for the win! Quick turnaround time. Accuracy: Each print is identical, with a low risk for color variation. So, the next time you are thinking about getting business cards made, brochures for a special event, or even direct mailers to a targeted market; remember the differences and capabilities of offset litho printing and digital printing methods. If you have any lingering inquiries, our sales team is here to help! Contact us today at or (609) 645-1940. WRITTEN BY OUR DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANIELLE ELIA

  • Why Using Promotional Products can Help Your Business

    Finding ways to leverage your business in a digital world is ceaseless - things get lost in translation and people may potentially forget why they even clicked on your advertisement to begin with. However, one thing we know that works for sure is the use of promotional products. So, what is a promotional product and why should you be using it? Let us give you some context. Promotional products - Branded articles of merchandise with the company’s name, logo and or tag line, with the intent to distribute to a specific audience, for free. Now, you may be thinking… I can't afford to give stuff away for free. Keep in mind, the opportunities for new brand exposure gained from promotional marketing materials are unparalleled - ROI! Here are a few reasons why using promotional products can help promote your business and generate more revenue. Repetitive brand marketing People consume digital advertisements multiple times a day, which makes it very easy for a paid advertisement to get lost in a customer’s feed. Digital saturation is real. However, it is not as easy for them to forget about branded merchandise. Useful promotional products, like stationeries, mugs and tshirts, are common items customers use on a daily basis and will most likely be held onto. When a current or previous customer wears your promotional t-shirt in public, they are practically a walking billboard! This widens your window for reaching new potential customers and helps build your brand’s awareness. Generating more leads is the ultimate goal. Physical connection to your brand Customers can't touch or feel digital ads - there’s a lack of consumer connection. Mugs can be used for beverages, pens for jotting down lists or memos, shirts for wearing in public and so much more. Customers can become attached to the usage of this item, making it a steady reminder that your company provided them with that product. Targeting your audience Promotional products allow you to control who you want to invest your advertising dollars in. If you have a good understanding of who your customer is, you can streamline your marketing campaign to fit the needs of your customers, invest in the proper promotional products, and finally, provide your targeted audience with value. Promotional products can last far longer in the eyes of your customers, where digital advertisements wind up lost in the social clutter. Remember, promotional products come in all various shapes and sizes. If a customer can touch it and see it, they will most likely want it. Written by Omega’s Digital Marketing Intern, Danielle Elia

  • Integrated Marketing: Direct Mail Meets Email

    Do you look forward to ripping open an envelope and discovering an advertisement? Or do you desire to receive ads through means of an email? Either way, both snail mail and email hold strong value in the eyes of a marketer. Utilizing an integrated marketing approach could prove to be highly beneficial in order to max out your reach. Both techniques have benefits, but when used together, this duo could be unstoppable. First, let's discuss the benefits of direct mail. Direct Mail Viewers tend to retain more information through direct print Direct mail has high response rates Direct mail is deemed trustworthy and credible Could be individualized & personalized to the receiver Direct mail is cost effective Now that we've gone over the benefits of direct mail, let's go over the advantages of email marketing.. Email Marketing Email marketing is a simple and easy way of communicating Emails can easily be shared to reach more people Allows you to have direct contact with your customers Email marketing is low in cost Direct mail and email marketing have both proven their worth over time. However, in order to get the biggest bang for your buck, why not embrace both approaches? Direct mail and email marketing could be used simultaneously, creating an opportunity for a higher reach and ultimately, higher response rates. Try sending out a form of direct mail then, follow up with an email, or vice versa - the piggyback effect. In addition, both methods help build your overall brand awareness. Using a combination of the two techniques is a great way to market your business, services or offer to its fullest potential, creating breeding grounds for a successful campaign. WRITTEN BY OMEGA’S DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANA CUCCIO Sources:

  • Encouraging Customer Loyalty Through Direct Mail

    It may seem easy to attract new customers. However, it is key to not only attract new customers, but to maintain them, as well. Customer loyalty is crucial to a successful business. One strong way to encourage customer loyalty is through direct mail. Direct mail encourages customer retention by inspiring purchasers to come back and buy again. It is essential to maintain customer loyalty in order to gain the trust of your customers. Listed below are some simple ways to encourage long term customer loyalty through the use of direct mail. Loyalty Postcards: Send out postcards to existing customers This encourages customer feedback and sparks response Personalized postcards to tailor targeted customers are always a hit Sales Promotions: Send your most loyal customers sales promotions via direct mail This let’s customers know you appreciate their loyalty to your business It also encourages future purchases Birthday Mail: Send out postcards to customers on their birthday - offer a promotion or discount code This let’s the customer know you are thinking about them & appreciate their loyalty Include perks for use in future purchases Milestone Mail: Send mail to celebrate anniversaries and yearly memberships This let’s customers know you value their continual support It can be used as a reminder to customers of current in-store/online promos Reaching out to your previous customers is a simple way to ensure their loyalty. Methods like sending birthday letters, or sales promotions to repeat customers will let them know you appreciate their purchases and feedback. Ensuring returning customers in order to establish credibility in your company is vital to a successful business. Direct mail is a simple and easy way to increase your customer retention and encourage long term customer loyalty, so take advantage of it! Print is not dead... use it as needed! WRITTEN BY OMEGA’S DIGITAL MARKETING INTERN, DANA CUCCIO Sources:

  • Promoting Social Distancing Through Print

    COVID-19 has affected everyone, everywhere in the world. From Italy, to Australia, to the United States, people all over are now learning to adapt to this new lifestyle. Understanding the rules imposed by the CDC is extremely important in reducing the spread of the virus. Businesses everywhere are now using the power of print to impose these guidelines. Print is a great way to promote social distancing to not only your staff, but to your customers as well. Here are some ways the power of print can help you adapt and overcome during the COVID-19 crisis... Floor Graphics: Can be placed as markers 6ft apart to promote social distancing Customizable to your brand Can be used to promote one-way aisles (ex. food stores) to avoid face to face contact Clings: Can be used to enforce mask use & store capacity limit Can be placed on walls, doors, & windows to broaden your reach Can promote sanitation Customizable to your brand A Frames: Can promote 6ft social distancing Can be put anywhere; very versatile Double sided Can promote the use of face masks Other tools that can be used to promote social distancing include counter shields, and face shields. Shields are a great way to promote a barrier between people within close proximity in addition to the use of face masks. Combining floor graphics, clings, frames, and shields can help keep both your workers and customers safe during this pandemic. Being cautious and promoting social distancing is key to slowing the spread of the virus. Who knew that the power of print could help save lives AND slow the spread of COVID-19! If your business is in need of signage to support your reopening efforts, contact us today at (609) 645-1940! Written by Omega’s Digital Marketing Intern, Dana Cuccio Sources:

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