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Why Business Branding Matters During and After Covid-19

We all know 2020 has been a year for the books, and as much as we are all looking to see this year far in our rearview mirrors, Covid-19 seems to be ringing in the new year’s passenger seat.

Businesses are currently in fight or flight mode; they either have the fight to implement and embrace the new marketing environment, or they are shutting their doors for good. And we, as a business, have seen more of the latter than the former. Which is why what you do/make of your business during a crisis like Covid-19 is crucial. Branding your business to adapt to the “new normal” is essential to the fight.

Revamp your brand

This pandemic has changed consumers; and you should take note of these changes in order to revamp your brand to appeal to them. Customers engage with brands differently, purchasing habits have shifted to primarily online, and loyalty to brands have decreased. In fact, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently released a survey that demonstrated online purchases have had a steady increase of 6-10% in most product categories since the start of the pandemic. To accommodate this information and the new type of shopper, your business’s brand should focus on…

  • The customer experience

  • Value to customer relationships

  • Implement credibility and trust through shared values

if you incorporate the focal points; your company can come out of this pandemic pain-free and have a strong customer base.

The customer experience

It’s hard trying to reach and communicate with customers without seeing them face to face. Which is why your brand needs to be on digital in some way. When you have made the shift towards digital branding, the communication you have towards your customers should be thoughtful and swift during the covid pandemic. Doing this would involve your business portraying its brand, the brand message, and the brand promise at the forefront of it all.

Brand marketing should consist of constantly showcasing that promise and message, to better grab the attention of your customer base. Address the Covid-19 pandemic, your guidelines to staying safe, and your businesses social responsibility.

Value to customer relationships

Even though customers have been shifting to online purchasing methods, they still want to purchase items that provide them with value. Which is why showcasing the value of your products online is important. Proper brand marketing that touches base on what the customer will receive when shopping with you can be done with simple marketing tactics like….

  • Free-shipping

  • Quality assurance

  • Live chats

  • Product-specific tutorials

  • Consulting

  • Email marketing

  • Blogs

  • Newsletters

Remember your brand lies in the perception of your current and potential customer base. Good branding and branded content leaves a strong and healthy perception of what you have to offer your customers that provide them value. It sets the standard and expectation of the products you are selling.

Implement credibility & trust through shared values.

Customers want to buy from businesses they trust. Which is why your business’s brand needs to reinforce your credibility that aligns with your targeted customer’s values. Positive transactions that happen online, can result in trust and brand loyalty. With that said, the branded content you deliver through online platforms should be relative to customer-experiences, and inspire them to re-engage with your brand. This can be achieved by...

  • Assuring that your brand messaging/promise stays consistent across all marketing platforms and throughout the customer’s purchase path.

  • Brand messaging/promise needs to be appropriate for each step in the buying process

The way businesses engage with their customers will continuously change as we continue to shift towards a digital world. But for the sake of this pandemic, and possible post-pandemic; re-evaluating your brand, it’s message and promise, and optimizing to be accessible on digital interfaces will help position your business for a strong fight; rather than having to enter flight.



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