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Promoting Social Distancing Through Print

COVID-19 has affected everyone, everywhere in the world. From Italy, to Australia, to the United States, people all over are now learning to adapt to this new lifestyle. Understanding the rules imposed by the CDC is extremely important in reducing the spread of the virus. Businesses everywhere are now using the power of print to impose these guidelines. Print is a great way to promote social distancing to not only your staff, but to your customers as well. Here are some ways the power of print can help you adapt and overcome during the COVID-19 crisis...

Floor Graphics:

  • Can be placed as markers 6ft apart to promote social distancing

  • Customizable to your brand

  • Can be used to promote one-way aisles (ex. food stores) to avoid face to face contact


  • Can be used to enforce mask use & store capacity limit

  • Can be placed on walls, doors, & windows to broaden your reach

  • Can promote sanitation

  • Customizable to your brand

A Frames:

  • Can promote 6ft social distancing

  • Can be put anywhere; very versatile

  • Double sided

  • Can promote the use of face masks

Other tools that can be used to promote social distancing include counter shields, and face shields. Shields are a great way to promote a barrier between people within close proximity in addition to the use of face masks. Combining floor graphics, clings, frames, and shields can help keep both your workers and customers safe during this pandemic. Being cautious and promoting social distancing is key to slowing the spread of the virus. Who knew that the power of print could help save lives AND slow the spread of COVID-19!

If your business is in need of signage to support your reopening efforts, contact us today at (609) 645-1940!

Written by Omega’s Digital Marketing Intern, Dana Cuccio



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