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6 Social Media Management Tools to Help Your Business Thrive

Everyone knows that social media plays a big role in everyone’s life. It's important to keep up with the trends of social media to communicate, spread information & develop relationships to influence customer decisions. Internet based marketing and digital marketing are on the rise. If your business doesn’t carve out the time to create a consistent social media presence, best be sure that they will be overlooked and outshined by competitors.

We know the actual act of marketing and managing consumer trends is easier said than done. And trying to create and implement a content schedule, while also running a business; can be extremely overwhelming. We recently found a list, created by giraffe social media, that provided strong insight on some of the tools you can use to better improve your social media presence and aid in streamlining the content creation process. No more late nighters spent trying to keep up with the crowds! Create effectively, plan efficiently, and post your content properly with these tools below!

  • If you have an instagram account already, you probably have noticed that you are only allowed to have one link in your bio at a time. We all know that having only one link isn't enough. With Taplink, you are able to create a landing page that allows you to place as many links as you desire. Have a specific landing page for your products or services that's different to your contact page? Link them! You can also have other widgets located on your TapLink landing page like instant message integrations, other social media accounts and special offers, all on one page. How cool is that! Google Docs/Google Drive

  • Did we ever mention we love the word free? We also love things that are free-like Google Docs and Google Drive. The only requirement to have access to these platforms is a Gmail account (which is also free). From there you can use the Google Drive for free cloud storage that works on multiple platforms and updates in real time. The same goes for the Google Docs-real time data syncing at no cost. If you have to share the information on either your drive or just a specific document, you can via email. Google is a great platform with various integrations to streamline not only your social media process, but your overall process for business. Adobe Spark

  • Staying relevant with the trends are important, but having a messy page with no true consistency is bad. Take a look at Cocacola’s Instagram page for reference. Their content always shows the same colors, fonts and graphics. It is smart to do this for your business as well, so your customers can easily identify and become aware of your business easier. Which is why keeping it consistent has never been easier with the Adobe Spark Platform. This nifty integrated suite of applications is accessible from a mobile device or a PC. Developed by Adobe Systems, it has three parts to its suite: Spark Page, Spark Post, and Spark Video. All which are equipped with easy tools- no design degree needed! Plus, you can upload all your branded fonts, colors and graphics easily; so you don't have to waste time branding post to post! Canva

  • Here we go again using the word of the day; free. If you are not ready to start paying for a subscription to create social media content, then Canva is the choice for you. Canva is a marvelous graphic design platform! It is loaded with pre-designed templates that can be used for multiple types of content such as: social media posts, presentations, posts infographics, documents, graphics and more! Canva can be downloaded to your mobile device or accessed from the web on your PC. If you really enjoy utilizing this platform, you can go ahead and upgrade your plant to a paid subscription. The pro subscription allows you to have full access to the platform’s features, while some things are locked to the free user. Creator Studio

  • This platform is extremely useful if you predominantly use facebook and instagram to showcase your products or service. Facebook has released a platform integrated into your facebook account (that is also linked to your instagram account), that allows you to easily schedule your Facebook and Instagram posts. The Creator Studio platform also provides insights on how your content and pages are doing. Google trends

  • Alright, for the last time we are going to be mentioning the word of this blog; FREE! Google Trends is a free website; no gmail or Google account needed for access. This site created by google is amazing because it analyzes all the popular search queries in the google search engine. It scans across various regions and languages, so Google Trends can be accessed and used anywhere in the world. Once you’re on the sight, you will notice there are graphs. Those graphs are used to compare the volume of searches from different databases over time. How is this useful for you, you might ask? Well, knowing what your clients are searching for is important! And you can compare which key words they are using more of. If you find the website hard to use, don’t worry, google integrates over 40 lessons that help you understand and navigate the platforms easier. The link for the lesson database is here. If you want to find out more about platforms that you can use to streamline your social media creation process, click here to contact us, or call at +1 (609) 645- 1940.



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