5 Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading in 2021!

As much as we love writing about print, marketing and advertising; we also love reading about it! Call us obsessed, but we are paying homage to our top 5 favorite blogs! Each blog provides valuable insights on topics that range from visual marketing, all the way to revamping your website. Here’s our top 5 marketing blogs you should be reading in 2021...

1. Dieline

From its very core, Dieline is one of the greatest creative platforms that services the packaging community. Not only is their site aesthetically pleasing to scroll through, but their commitment to supporting & educating the packaging community is unlike any other. Dieline was established in 2007 by Andrew Gibbs. Though the young site started out as a resource to share creative designs, it has grown into a powerhouse of innovation! You can read about the latest packaging design trends, sustainable solutions, manufacturers, students and experts.

2. HubSpot

HubSpot is the mitochondria of marketing. H.S is a CRM Platform (free and Paid) that offers business solutions to grow better. From increasing lead generation, to streamlining your customer service workflow - hubspot does it all. Their blog consists of ground breaking insights ranging from sales, website, CRM and of course Marketing. Did we mention that their platform is also free and provides over 15 costless tools and solutions for businesses to outdo themselves? Thank us later.

3. Courier x MailChimp

As some in the marketing world know, Mailchimp is one of the top rated business tools on the interweb. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Mailchimp more, this time last year, they acquired Courier Media. Courier is a London-based media company that produces bi-monthly print magazines and newspapers. Their pages are filled with rich content for the modern generation. We flip back and forth between Mailchimp and Courier to stay up to date on all evolving trends. Their combined talents make them an integrated marketing empire; and we couldn't geek over it more if we tried! Let’s just say print and digital are in a healthy relationship! You can find all Courier content in three different forms: Audio, Email and Print.

4. Print Magazine

The crusader of keeping the “print’s not dead” montra alive! Printmag, A.K.A PRINT, dates back to 1940. Their curiosity to explore all things design enlightens us to stay creative! The brand was acquired by Print Holdings LLC in late 2019. The PrintMag website covers every blog topic under the sun! Just to name a few…

  • Advertising

  • Design criticism

  • Trends

  • Informational Design

  • Print Design

  • Branding

  • Typography

And about 30 more, but who’s counting! PRINT is partnered with some of the big wigs in the industry, as well. Adobe, Fontelier, Wix and Mailchimp are all supporters of their mission, and so are we!

5. Social Media Today

Don't take their spot on this list lightly, SocialMediaToday is open on our webbrowser 24/7. Social Media Today provides us with the latest trends in the realm of social media + digital marketing. In addition to their fresh insights on digital strategy, content marketing and social media marketing, SocialMediaToday offers a collaborative space where anyone can learn, network and share! Let’s just say this is the digital marketing playground all professionals have been waiting for. Be sure to check out their other publications!

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Written by Danielle Elia, Omega High Impact Print Solutions’ Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Strategist


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