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  • Danielle Elia

21 Print Design Trends for 2021

It’s been officially one full year since you said to yourself “i'll be back in the office in two weeks”.

Eventhough 2020 was a strikeout, we loved what has been happening to print thus far. The Covid-19 World-Wide Pandemic has not only reopened the door of print marketing, but embraced unorthodox design that has never been seen.

The creatives of our world have emerged and band together to create Print Marketing Campaigns that wow customers from the comfort of their homes. Below are trends you might have seen in direct mailers, print packaging and so forth in 2020. We don't think they are slowing down, infact; this new age of design is just getting started.

Here are 21 Print Design Trends for 2021

1. 3D Design

Examples by: Fabio Tridenti , Tanya Kar & Outcrowd

2. Emojis

Examples by: Carolina Alfraya, Adweek

3. Nature Inspired Design

Examples by: Matt Carlson,