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JUNE 2023



Employee of the Month

The results are in! The Employee of the Month for May 2023 is...

Tom Dalton!

Congratulations, Tommy, for your hard work! We hope you enjoy your free lunch and an extra day of PTO. 

Remember, Employee of the Month is determined by YOUR votes, which are accepted between the 1st and 27th of every month. If you'd like to place your vote for June's Employee of the Month, you can do so by clicking the button below.


In addition, if you would like to review all information regarding the Employee of the Month Program, as well as the Employee Feedback form, you can view the PDF here.

The New VUTEk is Up and Running

The VUTEk #2 is now officially printing jobs in New Jersey! We're excited to see how much Omega grows as a result!

Memorial Day Cookout

We thank everyone for helping to make yet another company cookout possible. Scroll through some photos of the event from both our NJ and FL branches!


Congratulations to our Fan of the Month,

Kyle Wilsbach!

For interacting the most with our social media pages this past month, you have won a $15 Wawa Gift Card!

Please see Nicollette to receive your prize.

We encourage everyone to participate again this month to be our next winner.

Thanks, everyone, and good luck!

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6/6 - Isaiah Blase
6/12 - Paula Heffley


Francisco Garcia-Hernandez - 12 years
Scott Williams - 8 years
Joe Artle - 4 years
Jazmin Juares - 3 years
Felipe Castenada - 2 year
Michael Giacobbe - 1 year


6/6 - D Day

6/8 - Best Friends Day

6/14 - Flag Day

6/18 - Sushi Day

6/19 - Juneteenth

6/21 - Summer Solstice


Nat'l Great Outdoors Month

Alzheimers Awareness Month

LGBTQ Pride Month

Adopt a Cat Month

Candy Month


6/9 - Floral Friday

Show off your flower-power and wear your best floral gear.

6/23 - Hat Day

Wear your favorite headwear to work!

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