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Yesterday, we promised you the before & after pictures of our new rig, and pouring rain or not, we always follow through on our word! Fresh decals and ready to hit the road - Honk if you see us!
Print isn't always ink to paper - we work with wood, too!

We shared the production phase, but now we're hitting you with the finished product. @One Trick Pony turned those sweet plywood prints into a killer table for their new Philly digs. The perfect fit for their office in Spring Arts, an up & coming creative neighborhood!

We're always down for a @One Trick Pony project

Especially when they're printed with our @Electronics for Imaging Vutek & cut with our @Zünd Systemtechnik AG. Any guesses on what they'll be using these for?! Disclaimer: Your guess is as good as ours 😂