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Big Daddy Fishing Rod Racks

Omega was tasked by Big Daddy Fishing Rod Racks to develop the brand’s online presence and manage all aspects of its marketing; primarily focusing on social media, website management, and digital advertising. The marketing plan consisted of campaign phases that would implement an omnichannel approach to build a following on BDFRR’s two primary social media channels: Instagram and Facebook, increase engagement on social media posts, drive website visitors, and increase sales on the website.

Social Media

The social media strategy consisted of a series of campaigns that focused on different goals with each campaign. Updating the look and messaging across each of the brand’s social media channels erased any confusion in the market and developed a consistent brand identity.


In an initial three-month Instagram growth campaign that utilized a multi-faceted strategy of regularly scheduled posts and stories, community engagement, and advertising, there were positive results across the board:

  • Almost 200% increase in reach

  • 28% increase in interactions

  • 64% increase in comments

  • 75% increase in shares

  • 230 new followers



Over a 12-month period, the BDFRR Instagram account experienced improvements in each area of focus from the time of the initiative’s inception.

  • 1,000+ new followers

  • 71% increase in average monthly interactions on posts

  • 132% increase in visitors to the website from Instagram

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 8.52.12 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 9.41.15 AM.png

Facebook posed the task of building a community of engaged followers by utilizing organic posts, conversational interactions, and direct shopping tags. In a six-month campaign, the BDFRR Facebook account experienced exceptional follower growth and engagement:


  • 185 new followers (+21%)

  • 203% increase in full video views

  • 270% increase in post interactions

  • 242% increase in profile page visits


The Big Daddy Fishing Rod Racks TikTok was inactive for an extended period. Omega was tasked with updating the BDFRR TikTok profile and developing consistent posts to build brand awareness. Over a six-week campaign, Omega created a regular posting schedule, consisting of multiple posts per week, and engaged with the online community. The results were increased followers and more views of BDFRR content:

  • 41 new followers (+75%)

  • 20% increase in monthly video views

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 8.58.02 AM.png


Big Daddy Fishing Rod Racks tasked Omega with driving more traffic and improving direct sales through the website. An omnichannel strategy utilized SEO, social media, and Google advertising to drive relevant traffic to the website and increase conversions.


  • 12% increase in unique visitors in the first three months.

  • 27% increase in traffic from Google in the first three months.

  • 15% increase in website sales from the previous year.

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